Download Free Universal Shooter Kit | Unity Game Assets

Download Universal Shooter Kit

Download Free Universal Shooter Kit – The Universal ShooterKit is an all-inclusive game development toolkit that allows you to quickly and easily create first-person shooters (FPS), third-person shooters (TPS), and top-down shooters (TDS). The kit includes everything you need to start, including templates, tutorials, art assets, and more. With the Universal Shooter toolKit, you can

Fast Bloom ( Mobile , URP , VR , AR ) – Default Pipeline

Fast Bloom Unity free download game asset

Fast Bloom in Unity is a free mobile, URP, VR and AR-compatible post-processing effect, especially for Unity’s default pipeline. This effect enhances the lighting and color of a scene by simulating the way that bright light sources can cause nearby objects to appear to “glow” or bloom. You can easily integrate it into any Unity

Download Magic Hit Effect Vol1

Download Magic Hit Effect unity game asset vol1

Magic Hit Effect Unity Vol 1 is a collection of 9 particle systems to enhance the visual appeal of spell casting in Unity games. The package includes various types of magic effects, such as fire and ice, which you can customize to fit the needs of the developer. Along with the visual effects, the magic

Download Superhero Animset – Free Unity Game Assets

superhero animset unity Free Game Assets

Superhero Animset is a collection of free Unity game assets that allows game developers to add superhero animations to their games. This package includes a variety of animations such as walking, running, jumping, flying, and fighting. You can integrate these animations into any Unity game project and customize them to fit the specific needs of

Download Sword Slashes PRO – Free Unity Game Assets

Sword Slashes PRO and Slash effect unity

Sword Slashes PRO Unity Game Assets is a collection of graphics and animations for creating sword-based combat in a Unity game. It includes a variety of sword styles and slashes, as well as parry and block animations and sound effects. This asset pack is designed to help developers easily implement realistic sword combat in their