Tiny Tales – Human NPC Advanced Sprite Unity Pack

Tiny Tales sprites Human-NPC Advanced Pack 2D Characters

The Tiny Tales sprites – Human NPC Advanced pack provides developers with a comprehensive collection of human NPCs for their games. This pack includes 100 NPCs, split into eight different categories, including Adventurer, Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Sailor, Soldier, Townspeople (3 Types), and Warrior. With this pack, developers can create a wide range of human characters

Anime High School Girl

Anime High School Girl

This package is for a cute and skilled anime high school girl character for Unity game engine. She is able to use weapons like spear, bow and magic. The package includes a high-quality 3D model of the girl and 11 animations that show her actions, personality and expressions. The package was created using Maya software

Download Free Scifi Girl Characters Unity Asset

Scifi Girl Characters Unity

If you’re looking for some awesome scifi girl characters unity to use in your gaming projects, then be sure to check out this great free asset pack! This pack includes six different scifi girl characters, each with their own unique look and feel. You’ll find a variety of different hairstyles, skin colors, and outfit choices,

Download GeNa Pro – Terrains | Villages | Roads | Rivers

GeNa Pro unity asset Terrains Villages Roads Rivers

Introducing GeNa Pro Unity Asset – an all-in-one terrain, village, road, and river generator for Unity. This powerful asset is now available for free to the gaming community and developers on the Unity Game Assets website. Whether you’re working on a new game or improving an existing one, GeNa Pro will help you create beautiful,