Magic Spells and Popup Effects – Pack Free Download

Download Magic Spells and Popup Effects

Whether you’re creating a video game or working on some other project, these Magic Spells and Popup Effects with amazing sounds will come in handy. Some examples of how you could use them include: “game over,” “quest complete,” “lose,” “win,” and “upgrade complete.” You could also use them for magic item spawns or spells, item

Download Magic Hit Effect Vol1

Download Magic Hit Effect unity game asset vol1

Magic Hit Effect Unity Vol 1 is a collection of 9 particle systems to enhance the visual appeal of spell casting in Unity games. The package includes various types of magic effects, such as fire and ice, which you can customize to fit the needs of the developer. Along with the visual effects, the magic

Beautify Unity Free Download – Premium Game Assets

Beautify unity free download gaming asset

Beautify 2 Unity is a powerful image post-processing effect that improves image quality in real-time, resulting in crisp and vivid scenes. Some of its key features include: Enhancing visual features and restoring or augmenting image detail, resulting in sharp images. Improving pixel color without oversaturating the image. Removing extra blur caused by antialias post effects.

Download Modular Fantasy Stylized Human Male – Free Assets

Download Modular Fantasy Stylized Human Male Unity Asset For Free

This Modular Fantasy Stylized Human unity asset includes 3 colors for each main component to allow for customizable skin, hair, armor, and eye colors. To enable/disable certain mesh, simply check or uncheck it accordingly. Note that this doesn’t include any animations! Lastly, it is compatible with humanoid rigs. This modular fantasy stylized human male unity

Download MFPS Mobile Control – Free Unity Game Assets

Download MFPS Mobile Control

MFPS Mobile Control is a powerful Unity asset that provides easy and precise control of your mobile device. It allows you to customize the input behavior of your app with simple-to-use features such as swipe detection, multitouch gestures, pinch zoom, and more. With MFPS Mobile Control, you can create immersive experiences for users on any