Fast Bloom ( Mobile , URP , VR , AR ) – Default Pipeline

Fast Bloom Unity free download game asset

Fast Bloom in Unity is a free mobile, URP, VR and AR-compatible post-processing effect, especially for Unity’s default pipeline. This effect enhances the lighting and color of a scene by simulating the way that bright light sources can cause nearby objects to appear to “glow” or bloom. You can easily integrate it into any Unity

Download Magic Hit Effect Vol1

Download Magic Hit Effect unity game asset vol1

Magic Hit Effect Unity Vol 1 is a collection of 9 particle systems to enhance the visual appeal of spell casting in Unity games. The package includes various types of magic effects, such as fire and ice, which you can customize to fit the needs of the developer. Along with the visual effects, the magic

3D Lasers Pack Free Download – Unity Game Assets

3D Lasers Pack Free Download

Unitygameassets website offers a wide variety of game assets for Unity developers, including the “3D Lasers Pack Unity” for free download. This pack includes a variety of volumetric 3D laser beams that can add a unique and dynamic touch to your game. The pack includes both 2D and 3D laser beams, allowing you to use

Download Control Freak – Touch Input Made Easy

Download Control Freak unity game asset

Control Freak is a Unity game asset that allows developers to easily implement player control and input management in their games. This asset includes a variety of features that make it easy for developers to customize and configure the control scheme for their game. Control Freak Unity Asset | Features One of the key features

Beautify Unity Free Download – Premium Game Assets

Beautify unity free download gaming asset

Beautify 2 Unity is a powerful image post-processing effect that improves image quality in real-time, resulting in crisp and vivid scenes. Some of its key features include: Enhancing visual features and restoring or augmenting image detail, resulting in sharp images. Improving pixel color without oversaturating the image. Removing extra blur caused by antialias post effects.

Download Modular Fantasy Stylized Human Male – Free Assets

Download Modular Fantasy Stylized Human Male Unity Asset For Free

This Modular Fantasy Stylized Human unity asset includes 3 colors for each main component to allow for customizable skin, hair, armor, and eye colors. To enable/disable certain mesh, simply check or uncheck it accordingly. Note that this doesn’t include any animations! Lastly, it is compatible with humanoid rigs. This modular fantasy stylized human male unity

Download Fantastic City Generator Free – Unity 3d Game Asset

Fantastic City Generator free unity game pack

Download Fantastic City Generator for free and create cities instantly for your games. With this tool, you can generate realistic cities of various sizes, with rivers, tunnels and bridges. It contains 237 unique buildings and several 3D Objects. This city generator is very easy to use and add third-party buildings. Unity asset for generating cities.

Low Poly Animated people 2.6

Low Poly Animated people

Download the FREE Unity Low Poly Animated People pack today! This rigged low poly people pack comes with 50 unique characters, Mecanim support, Mixamo animations support, 2 skin textures, Animations stored in .fbx format and a Wander Script (V.4.4). Drag and drop living people into your scene for instant life – it’s that easy! The