Low Poly Modular Terrain Pack

Low poly Modular Terrain Pack

A low poly modular terrain pack is a collection of pre-made, low polygon terrain assets that can be used to create game levels or other 3D scenes. These assets are typically designed to be modular. You can easily combine and reconfigure to create a variety of different terrain layouts. These are low polygon assets so

Next Gen Sci-Fi Interior Modular Kit

Next Gen Sci-Fi Interior Modular Kit - Unity Game asset

Unlock the potential of your game development with our free Next Gen Sci-Fi Interior Modular Kit Vo1 version 2.0 available for download on our website. Create visually stunning sci-fi environments for your games with this premium unity asset. What is Next Gen Sci-Fi Interior Modular Kit? Next Gen Sci-Fi Interior Modular Kit is a collection

Download Suburban City Unity Asset – Free Unity Game Asset

Suburban City Unity Asset

The Suburban City unity asset pack contains 100+ game objects, such as buildings, fences, bus stops, overbridges, road lights and modular road segments. The trises of each building are below 400. High-resolution textures can use for this package 4000X4000 3000X3000 1024X1024 and it is compatible with “UNITY5”. Overall, this makes the package suitable for FPS,