Download Fantastic City Generator for free and create cities instantly for your games. With this tool, you can generate realistic cities of various sizes, with rivers, tunnels and bridges. It contains 237 unique buildings and several 3D Objects. This city generator is very easy to use and add third-party buildings.

Unity asset for generating cities. The City Generator Unity asset is a great tool for creating random cities. It’s easy to use and can generate a wide variety of different city types. You can use it to create your own game levels, or just to explore what different kinds of cities look like.

With the City Generator Unity asset, you can quickly and easily create any type of city you want. Whether you need a bustling metropolis or a sleepy small town, this asset has you covered. It’s also perfect for prototyping game levels – so you can get your ideas down on paper before starting development. Download the City Generator Unity asset today!

Create lifelike cities for your games effortlessly.

Different sizes of cities available, complete with rivers, tunnels, bridges and more.

Download Now: Suburban City Unity Asset

Fantastic City Generator 3d Unity Asset | Features

  • Now supports day and night scene mode
  • Supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP) for high quality graphics
  • Contains 328 unique buildings and dozens of props for city customization
    e creativity.
  • It is now possible to create two cities connected by a highway.
  • Includes updated traffic system. (Vehicles only exist near player.)
  • Better performance
  • Very easy to add third party Buildings easier integration.
  • Includes vehicle traffic system with vehicles already included.
  • Comprehensive support.

We believe that this marketplace asset is one of the most useful ones yet. We would love to see pedestrians included in future updates. It would make our lives much easier when it comes time to generate cities.

Currently, Download Fantastic city generator free unity game assets and use for your game development tasks. Cheers!

Disclaimer Note* Please note that the files provided are for educational and testing purposes only. They are not intended for commercial use.

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