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RayFire is a plugin that gives you the power to destroy 3D objects over and over in Runtime, as well as shatter them into pieces in Edit mode. By using RayFire, you can also have complete control over your simulated objects and demolished fragments. Download rayfire for free in unity and you can activate them

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RayFire is a plugin that gives you the power to destroy 3D objects over and over in Runtime, as well as shatter them into pieces in Edit mode. By using RayFire, you can also have complete control over your simulated objects and demolished fragments. Download rayfire for free in unity and you can activate them whenever you need, or shoot/explode them with Wind or Vortex forces. Plus, it’s easy to record simulations in Editor and playback in Runtime!

RayFire for Unity is an incredibly powerful tool for creating amazing and realistic visuals in a game engine. With RayFire, you can create highly detailed environments with explosions, destruction, smoke, and more. The best part? You can download it completely free and start using it right away!

RayFire offers features that make designing beautiful visuals easier than ever before. You can simulate real-world physics by calculating collisions, fractures, and more. RayFire also comes with an array of special effects such as fireballs and smoke trails that are sure to make your game come alive!

If you’re looking for a way to create stunning visuals in Unity, then RayFire is a perfect choice. Download it today and start making magic happen in your game engine! You won’t regret it!

Thanks to RayFire, creating beautiful visuals has never been easier. Try it out today and see what you can create!

Download Free RayFire for Unity now! With RayFire’s powerful tools, you’ll be able to create amazing visuals with ease.

Download: Suburban City Unity Asset

Free Unity RayFire Feature

Simulation Types:
– Dynamic: The object will be affected by gravity and will start to fall down. It will also be possible for other simulated objects to affect it .
– Sleeping: The object will freeze in air until the first collision, then it will start behaving like a Dynamic object.
– Inactive: The object will freeze in midair and not be affected by gravity. However, other simulated objects can still interact with is as though it were active.

– Kinematic: objects are those that can be affected by other objects but cannot themselves affect other objects. These types of object can be activated and eventually behave like dynamic objects.

Object Types:

There are three object types you can use in the Mesh Collider:

  • Mesh. This will allow you to simulate an object using its mesh filter’s mesh in the Mesh Collider.
  • Skinned Mesh. This allows you to demolition skinned Mesh objects.
  • Nested Cluster. Simulate object using all its children’s mesh filters meshes as one solid concave object.

The Connected Cluster algorithm simulates an object using all of its children Meshfilter’s meshes as one solid concave object. At demolition, the cluster will detach fragments at contact points while the rest of the fragments stay as a solid cluster. Every time the cluster is demolished, it checks for connectivity and if it detects that some groups of fragments are not connected together anymore, they will start to simulate as separate Connected Clusters.

Fragment Types:

  • Voronoi
  • Splinters
  • Slabs
  • Radial
  • Custom
  • Slice
  • Tetrahedron based fragments
  • Bricks
  • Voxels

Rayfire for unity free download gaming assets on this webpage and enjoy.

Disclaimer Note* Please note that the files provided are for educational and testing purposes only. They are not intended for commercial use.

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