Download Low Poly Car Pack – HQ Destructible Cars Asset

Low Poly Car

This low poly car pack is perfect for any game that needs a variety of cars. The pack includes a total of 10 different cars, each with their own unique style. You’ll find everything from muscle cars to sports cars to trucks, so you’re sure to find the perfect car for your game. Plus, all

Download Vehicle Asset Unity Pack – Complete Vehicle Pack

Download Vehicle Asset Unity pack

This Vehicle Asset Unity Pack includes a variety of vehicles that can be used in your Unity projects. The pack includes cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Each vehicle is fully customizable, so you can change the color, add or remove parts, and even change the engines. You can also use the Vehicle Asset to

Magic Spells and Popup Effects – Pack Free Download

Download Magic Spells and Popup Effects

Whether you’re creating a video game or working on some other project, these Magic Spells and Popup Effects with amazing sounds will come in handy. Some examples of how you could use them include: “game over,” “quest complete,” “lose,” “win,” and “upgrade complete.” You could also use them for magic item spawns or spells, item

Download Hit & Slashes Unity Assets For Free

Download Hit & Slashes unity asset free

Hit And Slashes Unity Asset is a must for anyone looking to add exciting and immersive combat to their game. It features intuitive controls and a wide variety of animations that will make your game stand out. With this asset, you’ll be able to create thrilling battles that will keep your players engaged for hours

Snowy Village Unity Asset Free Download – 3D Game Environment

Snowy Village Unity Asset

Welcome to the Snowy Village Unity Asset! This asset is perfect for creating a winter wonderland in your game. It includes everything you need to create a beautiful, snowy village scene. The asset includes: A high-quality 3D model of a snow-covered village Animated 3D models of villagers A village square with a Christmas tree A

Low Poly Animated people 2.6

Low Poly Animated people

Download the FREE Unity Low Poly Animated People pack today! This rigged low poly people pack comes with 50 unique characters, Mecanim support, Mixamo animations support, 2 skin textures, Animations stored in .fbx format and a Wander Script (V.4.4). Drag and drop living people into your scene for instant life – it’s that easy! The