Animated Racing Arrows

Animated racing arrows

“Animated Racing Arrows” is a Unity asset that provides a set of prefabs and scripts for creating animated race arrows in a Unity project. It includes various arrow styles and animations, as well as the ability to customize the appearance and behavior of the arrows. To use the asset, you would first import it into

Low Poly Animated people 2.6

Low Poly Animated people

Download the FREE Unity Low Poly Animated People pack today! This rigged low poly people pack comes with 50 unique characters, Mecanim support, Mixamo animations support, 2 skin textures, Animations stored in .fbx format and a Wander Script (V.4.4). Drag and drop living people into your scene for instant life – it’s that easy! The

Download Flare Gun – Free Unity Game Assets

Download Flare Gun Free Unity Game Assets

This is high quality fully functional unity flare gun game asset. Flare Gun is a 3d asset that holds many kind of animations, scripts, customized scripts parameters and sounds. This model  contain bumps and special maps having 3d textured skin on guns.

Download Low Poly Car Pack – HQ Destructible Cars Asset

Low Poly Car

This low poly car pack is perfect for any game that needs a variety of cars. The pack includes a total of 10 different cars, each with their own unique style. You’ll find everything from muscle cars to sports cars to trucks, so you’re sure to find the perfect car for your game. Plus, all